Using Bias Binding To Create A V-Neck

Using Bias Binding To Create A V-Neck

It's more V-Neck tips this week. 

Last week I explained how to use single fold bias binding to bind a V-neckline. The method worked well, but the downside were the stitches that needed to be added at the end to hold the V-fold in place. The following method doesn't require stitching the V in place, which is good! 

 1. Take your single fold bias binding and place the ends right sides together (I used 25mm single fold bias, however you could use any size up from this, depending on how much of the bias you would like to stick out around your neck line).

2. Stitch a 'V' in to the top of the bias, with the bias right sides together. I like to use extra small stitches here.

 3. Trim the triangle around the stitching line and carefully snip in to the point of the triangle.

4. Pull the binding apart and then fold over and press - to create a V with the binding. 

5. Take the main garment. Using strips of interfacing, interface the point of the V-neck.

6. I like to mark out the centre of the V-neck and the stitching line around the neck.

7. I also like to sew a row of small stitches just inside the seam allowance around the V. this reduces the chance of holes in the main garment later on in the process.

8. Placing the binding and the garment right sides together - as shown in the photo below mark the point where stitching will begin from the beginning of the V at the centre of the neck. 

9. I like to place a few tiny stitches here to keep everything in place.

10. Then I snip into the point of the V making sure I don't snip beyond the small stitches that I sewed previously.

11. I then manipulate one side of the bias to match up with ONE side of the v-neck and pin. My seam allowance was bigger than the binding so the raw edges weren't exactly aligned. 

12. Stitching from the central holding stitches, stitch from the centre along one side of the neckline.

13. Repeat this step, but for the other side of the binding. Start stitching from the centre of the V each time. 

14. Turn the binding to the inside and press down. 

The down side of this method is that the binding doesn't actually bind the raw edge of the neckline - you'll still need to finish the raw edges inside the garment. I prefer to overlock this edge. 





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