Using Bias Binding To Bind A V-Neck

This week for Tips on Tuesday I've been using single fold bias binding to bind a V-neck. There are a couple of ways to do this (I will cover an alternative way next week).

1. Start by reinforcing your v-neck with interfacing or stabiliser. Then mark the centre of the V and seam allowances using your marking pen. 

2. Open out your single fold bias binding and pin in the creases along the mark stitching line until the centre of the V. 

3. Stitch up to this point and back tack here.

4. Snip into the V - exactly in the centre, up to, but not through the stitching.

 5. Straighten out V-neck and continue to pin the binding to the other side of the V. 

6. Then stitch, starting exactly where you finished stitching previously.

7. Clip into the binding also - exactly at the centre point.

8. Trim the seam allowances.

9. Using an iron neatly fold the binding to create a crease exactly in the middle of the V. 

I like to use a bit of Sewline glue here to hold it in place.

10. Fold the binding to the back and fold the binding so the the crease continues down the centre of the V.

11. From the front pin the binding in the ditch.

12. Make sure the pins catch the binding at the back.

13. Stitch in the ditch.

14. This method is a little frustrating as the fold of the V in the binding can come unfolded. Using matching thread (unlike mine!) and carefully use small stitches to hold the fold of the V in place. 

I will share an alternative method for binding a V neck next week. 

 Happy sewing!  

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