The team

There are four of us that make up the Sewing Gem team.

There’s me (Gemma) who lives and breathes all things Sewing Gem. I’m an ex-primary school teacher, part-time sewing teacher, and more than full time Sewing Gem owner. I live in Brisbane with my husband and two young kids. If I’m not busy being a mum, teaching or running the business; you’ll find me in my sewing room tackling my never-ending list of makes.

Marina who works all things photography and social media. And then there’s Maddie who creates social media images and products for the website. She also packs and posts your orders with Emma. All of which are amazing and I’d be lost without them.

In the valley...

We are based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and whilst we don’t have a shop-front we are always happy for customers to collect their orders from us in “the valley”. We are also happy to post fabric samples. 

  • Gemma

    Who lives and breathes all things Sewing Gem.

  • Marina

    Who helps with well, everything; photography, website maintenance, social media to name a few. 

  • Maddie

    Who packs and posts your orders. Both of which I’d be lost without.

  • Emma

    Who helps us pack orders. I would also be lost without.