Stitch Buzz - Stretch Ruler

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Stitch Buzz - Stretch Ruler

Sewing stretch fabrics is super simple with Stitch Buzz's Stretch Ruler!

Measure the amount of stretch in your knit fabrics with ease (no maths required!), or take it with you fabric shopping.

There are pencil holes at each half inch, which make it easy to mark hems, pocket placements, plackets, and button hole placement. 

The ruler comes with clear instructions on how to measure stretch, guide for knit stretchiness, definitions, as well as additional uses for the ruler - including as a 1/4" ruler, 5/8" ruler, and as a compass.  

🔹150% stretch ruler
🔹 Metric Ruler and Imperial Ruler
🔹Quickly check fabric stretch
🔹Check knit fabric recovery
🔹Made in the USA

Metric: 3.8cm x 25.4cm

Imperial: 1 1/2" x 10"

It is made from cast acrylic.