Stitch Buzz - Pattern Making/Seam Allowance Ruler - Set of 2 - Metric or Imperial

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Stitch Buzz - Pattern Making/Seam Allowance Ruler - Set of 2

Please Note: Available in either imperial or metric measurements

These revolutionary pattern making rulers are multi-functional sewing rulers made for pattern drafting, fitting and adding seam allowances to patterns! These rulers come as a set of two - one standard, and one mini.

These rulers are designed not only to mark the seam allowance location for fitting and measuring, but to add seam allowances to the patterns, blend design lines, or change the size of the seam allowance.

These standard ruler is like having 4 rulers in 1. The standard pattern drafter has a #17 Dietzgen French Curve, a hip curve, a straight ruler and a seam allowance ruler. The small end is rounded to make this ruler even sturdier. It also conveniently includes lengthwise lines at 1/8th inch intervals so that other seam allowance widths are possible, or 0.5 cm lengthwise lines.

The mini ruler has additional and smaller curves, and is great for children's patterns, lingerie patterns and smaller radius curves like the crotch curve etc.

Both rulers have a 5/8" or 1.5cm seam allowance. 

The standard ruler measures 16" x 6" (40.6cm x 15.25cm) and is 1/8" thick.

The mini ruler measures 12" x 4" (30.5cm x 10.2cm) and is 1/8" thick.

Both rulers are made from vivid green acrylic with edge glow and black and white printing. 

Made in the USA.