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Spiral Steel Boning Kit - 10mm width - 10 metre length

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Spiral Steel Boning Kit - 10mm width - 10 metre length

While the idea of boning usually brings corsets and evening wear to mind, it can be used broadly in daywear - giving structure to a vintage style dress, preventing necklines from sagging, keeping an oversized waistband or collar in shape, or preventing decorative folds from falling out of place. 

Boning is often necessary to give shape and structure to a garment, and also distributes weight across a garment evenly, reduces stress on seams, and allows for crisp lines and smooth silhouettes. 

This kit contains everything you need to start adding steel spiral boning to your projects - and makes it so easy!

Kit contains:

  • 10 metres continuous¬†3/8¬†inch steel spiral boning
  • 5 metres black 17mm cotton casing
  • 5 metres¬†white 17mm cotton casing
  • 75 x 10mm aluminium u-shaped tips to cover boning ends
  • 1 pair Prym Vario pliers
  • 1 set 10mm bone-tipping dies


Steel spiral boning is wonderfully strong, but lightweight and surprisingly flexible. It is important to tip the bones carefully, to prevent any sharp edges of the steel from damaging your garment. The bone-tipping dies, when attached to the Prym Vario pliers, allows you to easily crimp the aluminium tips over the boning ends for highly professional finish. 


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