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Kylie and the Machine

Sewing Club Podcast Merch - Vinyl Sticker

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Sewing Club Podcast Merch - Vinyl Sticker


Do you sew and love it? There's a whole wonderful community waiting just for you! We like to think we're all in a universal Sewing Club, where we all get to nerd out together about awesome patterns and celebrate the enjoyment that comes from making a lasting garment, a kickass backpack or a labour intensive quilt that maybe almost killed you. Let's do it together and have a bunch of fun 💖

Kylie Brule & Gemma Thebault have started a podcast called 'Sewing Club' where they review their tried and true patterns, and let the listeners in on their own hacks AND hacks from the pattern designers. 

Check out all 'Sewing Club' episodes here and make sure you get the discount codes from the pattern designers at the end of every episode!

1x KATM Original Design Vinyl Sticker

Material: Vinyl Sticker

Dimensions: 3" x 1.7"

Made in USA.