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Schmetz - Super Stretch Needles - HAx1SP

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Schmetz - Super Stretch Needles - HAx1SP 

The Super Stretch Needle can be used in all home sewing machines which require needle system 130/705 H, as well as in some overlocker machines (information can be found in your machine manual). Due to its properties, HAx1SP is an alternative to the Stretch Needle when sewing with thicker sewing threads.

The SCHMETZ Super Stretch Needle has a special flat shank which allows the needle to be closer to the hook. Additionally, the special design of the scarf area produces a larger needle thread loop which can easily be picked up by the hook. These features prevent skipped stitches on highly elastic fabrics.

 Two sizes available.

5 needles per pack.


Click here for a reference guide to schmetz needle colour coding.

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