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Sewing Gem

REMNANT - Embroidered Cotton - Cream Circles - 68% Cotton 32% Polyester - 62cm

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REMNANT - Embroidered Cotton - Cream Circles - 68% Cotton 32% Polyester

Measuring 62cm x width of fabric (see below).

This fabric has a light-weight cotton base with embroidered poly-cotton circular design. 


Composition 68% Cotton 32% Polyester (base fabric is cotton, thread used for embroidery is a poly-cotton)
Suitable for Non-structured tops and dresses. Could also be used with another fabric underneath to add structure or colour. 
Fabric weight

165 GSM (Medium weight)

The embroidery on this fabric is what makes it a medium weight fabric. The base fabric without embroidery would be considered lightweight.

Drapability A fair amount of drape - it is a light-weight cotton, however the embroidery is what makes it less 'drapey'. 
Handle Medium - Not as soft as jersey, but softer than denim or cotton twill
Fabric Weave Plain weave  
Fabric Width 127cm

Fairly transparent/translucent. it is fully transparent where the embroidered holes are.  

Due to the transparency you may want to underline the fabric with a light weight fabric, for example a cotton voile.

Finishing Embroidery
Examples of Suitable Patterns

Megan Nielsen River, Dove and Eucalypt.

Sew Over It Marguerite dress

Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress, Indigo and Stevie.

Tadah - Perfect for the bodice on a Tea Party dress underlined with another fabric.