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  • Prym - Professional Pinking Shears (KAI N5350) - Sewing Gem
  • Prym - Professional Pinking Shears (KAI N5350) - Sewing Gem
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Prym - Professional Pinking Shears (KAI N5350)

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Prym - Professional Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are a variety of scissor which feature a sawtoothed blade. They leave a zigzag pattern instead of a straight edge, and are often used for finishing cut edges of woven fabric. The zig-zag angle of the blade cuts fabric on the bias, and will prevent some fraying from occurring. 

These sturdy, high-quality pinking shears make it easy to cut precisely through several layers of fabric. 

The blades of these pinking shears are made of hard, rust-proof stainless steel, while the ergonomic, soft-grip handle promises effortlessly precise cutting. These pinking shears sit extremely comfortably in the hand and cut with precision, without snagging the material.

The whole length of the lower blade of the scissors lies straight on the work surface while cutting and therefore the fabric neither lifts nor shifts; the shears can also safely be used for cutting on an underlay. 

Overall length: 23cm
Blade length: 8cm


These pinking shears can also be used for decorative elements in paper craft, and are also suitable for leather work. We would recommend keeping your shears dedicated to one creative pursuit, however, to ensure they stay in premium condition. 

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