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Prym - Colour Snaps Box

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Prym - Colour Snaps Box

The Colour Snaps Box contains 300 Colour Snaps in 10 cheerful colours: white, yellow, orange, red, watermelon pink, pastel pink, pastel blue, turquoise, apple green and black, and a Colour Snaps Tool Kit for use with the Prym Vario Pliers or the Vario Creative Tool. Colour snaps measure 12.4mm across and can be used to replace buttons on clothing, particularly children's clothing. They can be used to create adjustable sizing on items, as well as other uses around the house. The Prym Vario pliers or the Vario Creative Tool for non-sew products are required to apply the Colour Snaps - they are sold separately, please find the links below. The spare compartments of the practical storage box can be used to hold the Prym Vario pliers, more Colour Snaps or other accessories. Perfect for sewing enthusiasts who like to be neat and tidy. 

Included in case:

  • 10 x 30 colour snaps measuring 12.4mm across
  • Colour snaps dies for use with the Vario pliers or Vario creative tool

Please note: Tools to attach colour snaps do not come with this kit - please purchase them here:

- Prym Vario Pliers 

- Prym Vario Creative Tool. 

We also stock the colour snap removal set separately.