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Kylie and the Machine

Kylie and the Machine - Woven labels - "Me Made" Side Seam Labels

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Kylie and the Machine - Woven labels - "Me Made" Side Seam Labels

We're celebrating one our originals and all time best seller - 'Me Made'. We love this simple phrase and sentiment so much, there's a quiet strength and statement in 'Me Made'. What a cool thing to make your own clothes, bags, shoes, hats, Mule Tote, Arch Clutch 😉 - the hand made world is your oyster! 

'Me Made' is now available in a ✨ sparkly ✨ version as a Side Seam format. Tuck it into a sleeve cuff, a pocket, a collar - anywhere you like! Our new 'Me Made' label is tiny and mighty! 

Included in this pack: 6x Double Sided Side Seam Labels


Pale Blue Background - Silver and Mauve Glitter Text

Pale Pink Background - Silver and Mauve Glitter Text

Black Background - Silver Text

Dimensions:  23mm x 16mm

Label Type:  Doubled Sided Side Seam

How to attach: This side seam label is ideally sewn into the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting into a seam allowance or facing.

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