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Kylie and the Machine

Kylie and the Machine - Sewing Themed HB Pencils

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Kylie and the Machine  - Sewing Themed HB Pencils

Sketch out your projects with these fun KATM sewing themed HB pencils!

KATM is here for your stationery needs and we have made your sewing desk look even cuter with our new sewing themed pencils. You can now reach for some of our fav sewing slogans in pencil form.

We also recommend taking them to your work place as a low key flex  💪🏻 


Included in the pack:

1x "Sewists gonna sew" 

1x "I will not sew for you"

1x "I make my own clothes"

1x "Making is magic"

1x "I'd rather be sewing"

1x "Sew all the things"

Product Description

6 x HB pencils with end eraser (with custom KATM pink metallic ferule (piece that holds the eraser!)


~ Pencil barrels are 6 bright and cheerful colours

~ High quality general purpose graphite pencils

~ HB tip is ideal for writing, drawing and sketching

~ Hexagonal barrel for effortless, fatigue free writing plus it won't roll off your desk!

~ Easy to sharpen and erase

Designed in Australia by KATM 

Made in China.