Welcome To The Sewing Club Podcast!! Ep 1 The Zadie Jumpsuit

We've been busy working away behind the scenes at Sewing Gem over the past few months, and we're absolutely thrilled to unveil to you The Sewing Podcast.
So, what exactly is The Sewing Club Podcast, you might be wondering? Imagine a book club, but for sewing patterns. In each episode, Kylie (from Kylie and the Machine) and I will make and review a sewing pattern. We'll delve into every aspect, discussing what we found challenging, what we might do a bit differently next time, and all while sharing handy hints and tips for sewing it. 
For our inaugural Sewing Club Podcast pattern, we needed something special, a real crowd-pleaser that's been thoroughly vetted. So, with a drumroll, please... it's the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory.
Size: 8
Fabric supplier: The Fabric Store Brisbane
Sewing Label: High on Sewjo
I was pretty smitten with the Zadie Jumpsuit. It's not a shocker, considering it boasts over 14.5K Instagram tags (as of writing this blog). Clearly, it's a hit with many and stands out as an exceptional pattern for numerous reasons.
What captivated me most about the Zadie is its adaptability. A brief search for #zadiejumpsuithack reveals an array of shorts, dresses, and tops. You'll also spot additions like long sleeves with elasticated cuffs, colour blocking, and a diverse range of fabric choices. The possibilities seem endless! Personally, I fancy a chic silk Zadie for an evening event and a cosy fleecy one for winter film nights. Maybe even a beach skirt version. It's indeed a versatile pattern! This is also a great beginner pattern as it doesn't have any zips or buttons!! What could possibly go wrong?!
For modifications I did take quite a bit of fabric out of the centre back seam, due to my sway back.
I also raised the crotch by 5cm and added 5cm to the length. No bust alteration was needed which is always a bonus for me! As a nervous wrap top wearer (nervous about a possible exposure!) I was pleasantly surprised at the fit of the wrap part of the top. Everything is just in the right place to leave you feeling safe and secure. Always a bonus. Check out Kylie's awesome Zadie here.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of Zadie? Tune into the podcast, Episode #1, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and Google Podcasts for a super-detailed Zadie review! All show notes can be found here too. 

If you're feeling excited to stitch up a Zadie snag a cool 10% discount on the pattern using this code: SEWINGCLUBPODCASTDISCOUNT.

Happy sewing! 🎉✂️🧵


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