Using The Stitch Buzz Sleeve Placket Template

This week I decided to test out the Stitch Buzz Sleeve Placket Template. The template makes marking and sewing a shirt placket really straight forward and  provides super neat results. It's particularly useful if you are new to sewing plackets or your pattern instructions are a bit thin on the ground. It comes with clear step, by step instructions, always a winner!! 

1. Here is the Stitch buzz placket marking template. 


 2. Transfer the markings to the wrong side of your fabric and cut the template shape out of the fabric. You are going to need to cut two of these out of your chosen fabric (one for each sleeve).

3. Cut up the slash line (this is clearly marked on the template).
4. Mark the sleeve's vent line on your garment.
5. Align the placket's slash line to the right side to the sleeve's vent line. Placket's right side should be against the sleeve's wrong side.  Pin and sew around the box that is marked on the template. 
6. Cut up the slash line again through both layers. Cut in to the corners as marked, but do not snip through the stitching. 
7. Press all the fold lines. Each fold line is numbered on the template and there is a suggested order of pressing included in the instructions. 
8. Push the placket through to the right side of the sleeve.
9. Press the placket again so that everything lies flat. 
10. Fold one side of the placket over the stitching line to encase the stitching. Again this line is clearly numbered on the placket. I like to use Sewline Glue to hold everything in place for easy stitching. 
11. Top stitch up the inner columns outer edge from the cuffed end to just past the vent. An edge stitch foot is great for this.
12. Press the top of the tower to a point, carefully using the template guidelines. The order in which to press each of the the marked lines is included in the instructions. When the tower looks aligned press and use Sewline glue to hold in place.
13. Topstitch the tower in the order shown in the instructions. 
14. And there you have a neatly sewn shirt placket! 

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