Using The Stitch Buzz Quick Pocket

I love sewing tools and gadgets so when I stumbled across Stitch Buzz products I just knew we had a to stock them.

This week I thought I'd do a quick run through on using the 'Quick Pocket'. We stock two quick pocket products - one which includes a 4 1/2 inch and 5 1/2 inch template and another product 'The Quick Pocket 8', which as the name suggests is an 8 inch template. 

I used the 4 1/2 inch template for the purposes of this blog.

The instruction booklet included with the templates is fantastic tool to guide you through the process. The tool itself makes the marking of a welt pocket super simple. Here's how to create a pocket welt using the template. 

1. Start by cutting the pocket welts, pocket bag and interfacing to size, as per the instruction book guidelines. 

2. Iron a crease in the garment fabric perpendicular to where your welt pocket will go. 
3. Using the template to mark the position of the welt pocket on your garment.
4. Transfer this marking on to the back of the garment. I used pins to do this. 
5. Iron on interfacing over the markings on the wrong side of the main garment.
6. Mark the template window on the wrong side of the pocket bag.
7. Then with right sides together match the widow on the pocket bag with the main garment.
8. Stitch around the box that you have just marked on the fabric.
9. Mark the cut line using the window insert.
10. Cut the line that you just marked. Create triangles at the corners. Cut as close to the corners as possible, without cutting through the stitches.
11. Push the pocket bag (red fabric in the photo) through the window to the back of the fabric.
11. And press.
12. Understitch the long sides of the window with a zipper foot. You will need to lift the main garment fabric out of the way and stitch to the right of the original stitches on the pocket bag.
13. Now to make the welts. Place the two pieces of fabric for the welts right sides together and baste down the centre.
14. Then fold the welts wrong sides together so that the basting becomes the centre of the welts. Press.
15. Centre the welts inside the pocket opening and pin.
16. There are a few options for holding the welts in place without pins. I used Sewline glue.
17. I used the invisible stitches method for attaching the welts. Included in the booklet are a few other ways to attach them.
Start by folding back the main fabric and stitching along the understitching that you did in step 12.
18. On the short edge of the pocket fold back the main fabric to expose the triangles. Sew the triangles to the pocket bag and welt.
19. Unpick the basting stitches holding the welts together.
20. Sew the edges of the pocket bag together and finish with an overlocker or zig zag stitch.
And there you have a welt pocket! 


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