Using Ban-Rol For Narrow Hemming

Using Ban-Rol is a great way to get a neat narrow hem when you are working with fine fabrics. Chiffon is the perfect example of when to get the Ban-Rol out! The Ban-Rol provides the fabric more support when stitching and in turn hemming is much easier! Click here to head to the product page for Ban-Rol.

As always if it’s the first time you’ve tried hemming with Ban-Rol I would definitely test it out on some scrap fabric first to get a feel for things.

1. You will need a strip of Ban-Rol and something sharp such as a tailor’s awl. Ideally you need the Ban-Rol to be the length of the hem, but this isn’t essential as you can sew the hem in sections. 

2. Remove 4-5 strands from the Ban-Rol with the tailor’s awl.

 3. Take the fabric that needs hemming and line the ‘frayed’ edge of the Ban-Rol up with the raw edge of the right side of the fabric.

4. Stitch (length 2.5mm) to attach the Ban-Rol to the fabric. The stitching MUST be in the combed section of the Ban-Rol, otherwise you will not be able to easily remove it after hemming. 

 5. Flip the Ban-Rol around to the other side. A little press to encourage it is useful. Pins aren’t necessary but they can help things stay in place if you fabric is putting up a fight. You need to wrap the fabric tightly around the Ban-Rol without it pulling out of place.

6. Stitch the hem in place. 

7. Then carefully remove the Ban-Rol. If you pull too hard you may remove stitches so go carefully.

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