Tips On Tuesday - Joining Piping.

This week, Tips on Tuesday brings you a quick ‘how to’ on joining piping. 

Piping is a great way to add a point of difference to a project, or break up a busy print.

There are two main ways to join piping together. The way I’ll show you here is slightly more complicated, but as it is joined with a diagonal seam (the same way bias binding is joined together) I feel it gives the most professional finish.

Here’s the steps you’ll need to follow:

1. Overlap the piping exactly one width of piping longer than what is needed. You’ll need to open out the piping to get this measurement. 

2. Unpick a few cm of the piping at each end and open out the piping flat. Push the piping cord out of your way for now.

3. Place the ends of the piping right sides together.


4. Sew diagonally across the piping. I like to use a small stitch here (1.5-2mm) and back tack at the beginning and the end.


5. Trim the seam allowances and the cord so that the cord becomes one continuous piece.

6. Fold the piping in half again ready to attach to your project. Pin and sew.


And that’s how to join piping! Happy sewing. 


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