Tadah! Festival Dresses

Tadah! Festival Dress 

I meant to blog about these dresses over the Christmas period, but it just didn't work out that way. Better late than never?!

Firstly I would like to begin by saying that I LOVE this pattern. It could not be more perfect for the Brisbane Summer (as long as it is worn with sunscreen!). Sizes range from 1-12. It offers quite a few different options  - three bodice fronts, four bodice backs and three skirt options, plus optional pockets and ruffle sleeves. I chose to make the bow back version, with circle skirt and pockets. I must say pockets are a great addition as they add that relaxed, casual feel to what is a fairly dressy number. The ruffle sleeves really add the wow factor. 

I decided I wanted to make the girls some Christmas dresses - however I decided given the time and effort it would take I chose non-Christmas fabric. They needed to be able to wear these dresses more than a few times for me to justify the making. Plus I was keen to try out this new Tadah! pattern.  

My older girl chose her fabric and unsurprisingly this resulted in pink, metallic fairies (Lewis and Irene from the Sewing Gem shop). I chose the fabric for my youngest girl - a blue/turquoise floral which I think looks great with her darker hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Perhaps I won't get away with choosing fabric next time I sew for her, but generally speaking she is less opinionated about what she wears. This fabric was also taken from the store. 

The dress has an elastic casing at the back. I didn't use the same type of elastic in both dresses, and although it is slightly stiffer I definitely got better results with the non-roll elastic that I used. The other braided elastic did roll down and move more in the casing. In hindsight I should have stitched it in place to stop it moving. I may get around to doing this at some point.

I made a gold piping trim on the sleeves and pocket edges for my older girl. For the sleeves I just had to cut a second pair of sleeves as a lining. Then I sewed them together on the outer edge with the piping sandwiched between them. Once you have done this you can continue following the instructions.

The broderie anglaise on the sleeves of the blue dress worked well, but next time I think I will incorporate the end into the seam allowances rather that hemming it and leaving it as is. The way I did it leaves it quite square looking and I would like to incorporate it in to the dress next time (hmmm perhaps I'll gather it?) 

There were a few size alterations that I needed to do for my biggest girl. She's turning 5 in February and after measuring I decided she needed a size 5 length, size 3 chest and everything else size 4. I just graded between the pattern sizes and it worked out pretty well. My three year old was bang on the sizing but the little shortie just needed a bit of extra length taken off. It's so easy to do this - the beauty of handmade, it fits!

Which brings me on to one of the major successes of the dress - it's super easy to fit. Because of the tie and elasticated back it is very easy to get the bodice of the dress to fit really well. 

Both my girls love their dresses five weeks post Christmas!:) I highly recommend this dress if you've tried the Tadah! Tea Party dress and fancy changing it up a bit (or if you just fancy making this one!). 

Oh and for anyone that is interested here's one of my Christmas-but-not-strictly-Christmas napkins on the day itself:) Link to blog on how I made them here.






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