Sewing A Pants Pockets

I've been busy making a pair of black linen pants with pockets. Here's a quick step by step run down on how the front pocket is assembled.

The pocket has an outer and an inner pocket bag and a pocket facing. 

1. Firstly interface the edge of the pocket on the wrong side of the front leg with iron on interfacing. I have used black here so that it can be seen in the photo, but you will need to use interfacing which is nearer to the fabric colour and will be less obvious.


2. Pin and sew the outer pocket bag to the front leg of the pants, with right sides together.

3. Clip the curves and trim the outer pocket bag seam. This should give a nice curve and reduce the bulk of the seam.


4. Turn the outer pocket bag so the wrong side is against the wrong side of the pants. Roll the pockets bag slightly to the inside so that it does not show from the right side of the pants, as in the photo.

5. The pocket can now be top stitched, shown below, however if you do not want to top stitch then understitch the seam allowance to the pocket bag instead.



6. Overlock (or finish with a zig zag stitch) along the bottom edge of the pocket facing. 

7. The facing should now be sewn to the inner pocket bag along the bottom edge with the wrong side of the facing against the right side of the pocket bag.


8. Sew together the inner and outer pocket bags only, right sides together, as in picture. The outer edge of the pocket will be sewn at the same time as the side seam of the pant leg.

I will make sure I share the finished pants soon! Happy pocket sewing.

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