Sewing A Balanced Dart

Sewing A Balanced Dart

Balanced darts are used in garments to reduce a 'stepped' look when sewing darts in bulky fabrics. The additional fabric that is added actually creates a smoother silhouette and provides a good fit. 

Here's how:

1. Mark the dart on your garment.

2. Pin the dart then cut an extra rectangle of fabric that is bigger that the dart (longer and wider).

3. Re-pin the dart with the rectangle of fabric underneath.

4. Stitch the dart beginning and ending in the excess fabric.

5. Pull the excess fabric away from the stitching line. Cut the excess fabric to match the shape of the dart on the main garment.

6. Press the dart apart from the excess fabric so that the dart is 'balanced' and there is the same amount of fabric on both sides of the stitching line. 


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