Self-Covered Buttons

This week I thought we'd cover a few tips for using self-covering buttons. Becky from Sewing Gem Uk has also kindly added her top tips for using self-covered buttons. 

The Hemline variety that we sell comes in a few different sizes; 11mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 29mm and 38mm. Here's the ones that we sell at Sewing  Gem. All work well and are easy enough to use, but I would say that the smaller sizes are a little more fiddly. 


Step 1. Using the template on the back of the packet cut your fabric to size. I was using the 29mm size buttons so that’s the circle that I cut out to use as a template for my fabric.

Top tip: Becky suggests that if you don’t have a template allow for a 1/4” / 6mm seam allowance around the button. If the button is smaller than 15mm use a slightly smaller seam allowance.

Step 2: If you are using thin fabric interface your fabric before cutting out your template. This will help to strengthen the fabric and it will make sure that you can’t see the silver of the button dome.

Step 3: I like to sew a row of gathering stitches around the edge of the fabric, leaving my thread tails long. Then place the button dome on the wrong side of the fabric. I put a little Sewline Glue in the middle of the fabric to hold the button dome in place. 

Step 4: Pull the long thread tails up so that the fabric turns in towards the wrong side of the button. I like to also use a tool, such as a chop stick, to firmly push the fabric to the underside of the button and encourage it to lay flat.


Step 5: Place the button back over the shank with ridge facing down and snap it in to place with your fingers. Keep pushing until it clicks. If it won’t click on you may need to push the fabric down to reduce its volume and try again.

Top Tip: Becky suggests that self-covering buttons can be trial and error. If you know that you need 10 buttons for your project then it’s a good idea to make a few spares. 

And here is a finished self-covered button!

And from the back...

 Top Tip: The instructions on the back of the packet also suggests that bulky fabrics should be moistened to keep the edges smooth. I didn’t try this, but if you’re working with a bulky fabric this is definitely worth a try. 

Happy covering of buttons!!  We’d love to see your self-covered buttons if you do give this a try! 


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