Rounded Back Alteration On A Garment With Straps

After sewing my birthday dress I wanted a quick and satisfying sew. I'd had my eyes on the Tilly And The Buttons Skye Sundress for a while, who doesn't love an easy, breezy summer dress?!

I have to say that I love this pattern and I can see many more in my future. Next time I will need to do a rounded back alteration. Here's why and a quick easy pattern alteration to fix it...

You can see that (unfortunately) my back is slightly rounded and my shoulder blades are quite prominent. This creates a gape in the shoulder strap.

Here's how I fixed it.
1. First get someone to pin the excess on the strap, whilst wearing it. It will look something like this.
2. Measure how much of the fabric has been pinned and then mark a line on the pattern where you have pinned the excess.
3. Cut down this line and overlap the pattern pieces. You will need to leave a hinge (don't cut all the way through) on the opposite side of the strap.
4. The overlap the two lines and stick. 
5. The armhole may need some reshaping. Put a piece of paper under this section and redraw a smooth arm hole curve.
6. And there you have your pattern alteration. You can always make a toile to check your alterations before cutting into the good fabric. I haven't yet re-made the top, but I will post a photo when I do.

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