Pressing Tips

This week I've a few pressing tips for you! 

1. My first 'top tip' is to use spray starch for fine fabrics or knits that roll at the edges. Spray the starch on the fabric and then press with an iron.

It's best to always test the starch on a small area of the fabric first as it can leave a mark on certain fabrics. 

This is jersey with spray starch (bottom piece) and without (top piece).

When used on fine and delicate fabrics it makes the fabric stiffer which then makes them easier to work with.

2. My next tip is to use an organza pressing cloth.

I've used a piece of white silk organza (you only need a small amount). Overlock around the edge so that it doesn't fray. The great thing about organza is that it is translucent, which means you can see the fabric that you are pressing underneath. 

A must have for delicate fabrics or black fabrics that shine when you press them.

3. Finally use a clapper! A clapper is a great tool for getting a nice crisp finish. Apply the heat of the iron to the area and then hold the clapper (with some pressure) in the same area. This helps with reducing bulk, create permanent creases and getting seams inside garments to lie flat.


 Happy pressing!!

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