Narrow Hemming

This week I've decided to move on from bias binding (for now anyway!). 

When I first started doing 'Tips on Tuesday' I would create an image and post it directly to Facebook and Instagram. I decided to change the way I did this as there would be a lot of information crammed on to one picture. A blog post seemed like a good alternative to explain myself properly and make the pictures a bit bigger:) I've decided to go back and create blog posts for the original images that I created so they are clearer.

This is my go to method for hemming as no pinning is necessary. Whoop whoop! 

1. Create a guide stitch 1cm from the raw edge (hem edge) of the fabric.

2. Fold the fabric to the wrong side using the guide stitch to create the fold. Make sure that the guide stitching is just on the wrong side.

3. Stitch as close to the guide stitch as possible.

 4. Trim the excess fabric up to the stitching line. Duck bill scissors are useful here as they decrease the chances of snipping the main fabric underneath.

5. Fold the edge over again to the wrong side of the fabric and stitch.

6. A finished narrow hem. 

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