Two Options For Hemming A Skirt With A Slit

Previously we have covered how to create a lining pattern and sew a skirt with a slit. This week it's the final blog on how to hem a skirt or dress with a slit. Apologies for the furry towel background this week, we are away on holidays and I had to improvise and use a towel:) 

There are two options that I'll run through here for hemming. The easier option which involves simply turning it up and the slightly more involved version which is using a mitred corner.

With either option start by pressing up the hem either side of the slit, making sure they are the same length and one doesn't hang down further on the other side. Mark the fold line with a marking pen once pressed.


Option 1, the easier solution

1. Start by overlocking down the raw edge of the slit opening (not shown here). Then fold the slit opening back on itself, right sides together, as shown below. Pin exactly on the fold line. This is where you are going to stitch.

2. Sew along this line to permanently hold the slit opening to the main part of the skirt.
3. Trim the corner away to reduce the bulk, as shown below.
4. Turn it so that the right side of the fabric is facing out. Use a point turner for the corner.
5. Give it a good press.


Option 2, with a mitred corner.

1. Fold the hem up half the amount (so if your hem is 2cm, fold it up 1cm) and then fold in the same amount from the raw edge of the slit.


2. Fold both the hem and the slit in again the same amount, 1cm in this case. Then press and pin.

3. Using a ruler line it up with the corner and continue to draw a line beyond the folding.
4. Unfold the slit and the hem. Using the pressed lines, mark as shown below. You will need one line perpendicular to the line that was drawn first. Then  you will need two lines extending beyond that line, perpendicular to the second line. This will create a 90 degree angle or open box as shown below.
In a previous blog post I have stitched over the fold lines to make it easier to see. 
5. Using the first diagonal line fold the fabric back on itself, right sides together. Pin the box shape.
6. Stitch the box shape.


7. Trim away the box and snip into the point of the box as shown.
8. Turn the point so that the right side of the fabric is facing outwards.
9. Give it a good press.


And there you have a hemmed slit. 

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