Sewing Club Ep. 6 Smultron Dress By Paradise Patterns

It's Episode 6 of the podcast and we've been busy sewing and reviewing the amazing Smultron Dress by Paradise Patterns . This easy breezy dress totally gives off holiday vibes, perfect for the Brisbane heat. The pattern offers two variations that primarily differ in their neckline (V-neck vs. straight) and back design (elastic vs. ties).

Quick Overview:

For those curious, 'smultron' refers to a petite variety of strawberries gathered during Midsummer in Sweden, often skewered on small sticks as a fruity treat. Yum!

This dress is a great beginner friendly sewing pattern. If you're very new to sewing then I would opt for View B as you won't have to tackle to V point at the front of the dress, however the instructions are well written and thorough so if you're feeling game definitely give View A a go. What makes it particularly good for beginners is the lack of alteration needed. I literally changed nothing in terms of fit, I just slightly extended the length of mine.

I went with a fabric that drapes well because I love how it makes the dress flow, but it can be made in most light to mid-weight woven fabrics. It really is the perfect dress for twirling!

Check out Kylie’s version of View A with its cute ruffle detail here .

If you're excited to try your hand at The Smultron Dress don't miss #6 of our podcast on Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Audible , and Google Podcasts where you can get the full low down.

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Happy sewing, everyone! 🎉✂️🧵

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