The Sewing Gem Christmas Gift Guide

If you're short of a few Christmas present ideas for the sewer in your life, we've got you covered!

1. Gutermann Creativ Value Pack

I don't think there are many sewers who wouldn't love a colourful selection of Gutermann threads, beautiful Prym pearl head pins and high quality Schmetz machine needles. These are all staple items that sewers need in abundance and here they are packaged in one perfect gift box.

2. Pattern Weights by Judi's Studio

Perhaps you've seen a friend or loved one using tin cans or similar heavy objects to cut out sewing patterns? If so, these awesome pattern weights could make the perfect gift. They are not only super useful but very beautiful as well, made of quality steel with a bright, red highly visible powder coating. No more raiding the pantry for weights needed!  

3. Bohin Wrist Pin Cushion and Pins

These wrist pin cushions have been really popular at Sewing Gem, with our customers and our staff! Made in France by Bohin, they keep pins handy at all times, saving precious sewing time. They come in a variety of colours and have a gold-plated bracelet for a touch of luxury. Add a packet of Bohin Glass Head pins for a winning combination. 

4. Curve Runner

The Curve Runner is used for measuring any straight or curved line. Surprise some one with this unique measuring device. They come in a 20cm or 30cm circumference. The clear acrylic wheel allows you to see through the ruler, so the line you're measuring never leaves your sight.

5. Judi's Studio Clapper and Point Presser

This device is a must-have for any sewing room. It is used to press seams open in difficult to reach places, such as inside pointed and curved collars, lapels, facings and men's ties. The tailor's clapper, which forms the base of the point presser is used to flatten bulky edges of facings, edges, pleats, buttonholes, hems and pleats. Items by Judi's Studio are all handmade in Orange, in New South Wales. 

6. Gift Voucher

If you're unsure what someone already has but you know they live for sewing, a gift voucher is a great way to go. Let the sewer in your life choose their own sewing goodies - then you know it's the perfect gift!  

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