A Few Buttonhole Rules

Continuing on from last week's 'Beautiful Buttonholes' I thought I'd run through a couple of buttonhole rules! 

First up, How long should my buttonhole be?

Your buttonhole should be the button's diameter plus 3 mm.

For a dome or ball button it should be the circumference of the button plus 3mm.

Next, Where exactly should my horizontal buttonhole be positioned?

The first buttonhole at the neck line should be the button diameter plus 6mm from the neckline of the garment (see image below).

Your buttonholes should be 3 mm past the centre front (into the buttonhole extension).

The width of the fabric extending past the centre front should be exactly the diameter of the button.


And lastly one top buttonhole tip: 

Always do a few test buttonholes to check the size and that you can pass your buttonhole through easily.

Happy sewing of buttonholes! :)  


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