Hand Stitching A Hem - Blind Catch Stitch

I've been doing a lot of posts on hemming, so I thought it about time I covered hand stitching a hem. I am sure there are some sewists out there who prefer to hem by hand, despite the extra time needed. Read on to find out how to hand sew a Blind Catch Stitch. 

1. Start by overlocking and pressing your hem. A row of basting stitches next to the fold will help to hold everything in place. If you prefer not to have exposed overlocking fold the raw edge of your hem over again.

A hot hemmer is not essential, but it does make the job easier. 

2. Fold back the top of the overlocking. Your stitches will go underneath the overlocking. You are going to work from left to right.

3. Secure the thread in the hem where the overlocking is. Then take a small stitch approximately 6mm to the left from the main garment.

4. Then take another stitch (approx. 6mm) into the hem again. Continue repeating this until you have finished hemming.

5. Fold the overlocking back to cover your stitches and press.


I like to mark a guide on my finger nail to help me keep my stitches even.


Happy hemming! 


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