Attaching Tips to Spiral Steel Boning

By popular demand, here's a quick run down on how to use our new Spiral Steel Boning Kits...

1. Cut

Cut your spiral steel boning to the desired length. I took my steel boning in to Bunnings with me and asked for help to find the best tool for easy cutting. Alternatively raid the tool kit and see what you can find. Things can go flying when cutting so safety goggles are a good idea.


2. Inspect Pliers

Open your Prym Vario Pliers and locate the two holes in the top and bottom of jaws of the pliers.

3.  Large Die

Insert the post of the large die on to the pliers with the open end facing out. 


4. Smaller Die

Take your time to examine the smaller die. One side has a right angled edge and the other is sloped. Position the right angled side of the small die facing out of the pliers and the sloped edge towards the inside of the pliers.


5. Attach the tip

Place a tip on to the end of the boning and place it inside the pliers. Then clamp the pliers together. Use one hand to hold the pliers and clamp and the other to hold the boning in place.




And that is how you attach the tips to the spiral steel boning giving you a clean finish that won't make holes in your garments.


If you find that we are out of stock of this item please let us know and we will inform you as soon as it is re-stocked.


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