Applying Eyelets Using The Prym Pliers

We now stock busks, coutil, flat steel bones and lots of other corsetry products at Sewing Gem. After applying 30 eyelets to a corset it seemed fitting to use this week's Tips On Tuesday to show you how to use the Prym Vario pliers for this task.

So here's how!...

1.  Start by carefully marking the eyelets placement. This will depend on the size of the eyelet and how many are needed. A simflex is a really good device for this job. It's definitely a time saver!

2. A device for making a hole in your project will be included in your packet of prym eyelets. The particular device will depend on the size of the eyelets. The one pictured below was for the 5mm eyelets. Attach this device to your Prym pliers as shown below.

3. Where you made your first mark for the eyelet placement attach the pliers and squeeze to make a small hole.

4. I found my hole wasn't quite big enough so I used a small pair of embroidery scissors to twist in the hole and increase its size slightly.

5. Now we are ready to insert the eyelets. Familiarise yourself with the two parts of the eyelets. They look like the picture below. Let's call the left side 'the ring' and the right side 'the post'. The part that is easy to confuse is the ring. One side is very slightly raised and rougher to touch. 

6. Remove the hole punching attachments from the pliers and insert the eyelet attaching pliers. Here are the size 5mm shown below.

7. The post part of the eyelet will sit on the attachment with the hole in the middle and the ring will sit on the attachment with the raised centre.

8. I like to start by pushing the post part of the eyelet through the hole that you made earlier. Remember that the front of this part will be on the front of your project.  Insert the post from the right side of your garment to the wrong side

9. With the post facing down in the project I then place the ring on the pliers like so, with the slightly rougher/raised side facing the project.

10. Place the post of the attachment with the ring underneath through the part of the eyelet already in your project.

 11. Squeeze the pliers together firmly. 

The first image shows the front of the eyelet. The second shows the back of the eyelet and the final photo shows the finished eyelets on the corset.



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