Advice for the Intermediate Sewist

So you’ve got this far - You’ve become accustomed to the workings of your machine and you’ve been pretty chuffed with your makes. Where next?... Keep reading, absorbing, learning and most importantly sewing. 

Instagram / blogs

If you haven’t already become a instagrammer - create that perfect sewing themed name and virtually meet other like minded individuals. Not only will you be inspired and enlightened by what you see you will pick up tricks and tips about particular sewing patterns or fabric. This is also a great way to see what you want to make next! 

Try out some indie patterns

As well as the big four pattern companies there are some great indie pattern labels to try out. The trouble is there really are so many to choose from, what an awesome problem to have. Take a look at Sew Over It, Style Arc, By Hand London, Friday Pattern Company, Tilly and the Buttons, Deer and Doe and Charm Patterns by Gertie to name just a few! Some will only offer a .pdf download and others will offer the paper pattern or both. Why not combine your new instagram presence and desire to try out some indie patterns and join the Sew My Style 2018 challenge 

Advice For The Intermediate Sewist

 Advice For The Intermediate Sewist

My latest make using the Sew Over It - Zoe dress pattern.

Sign up to a Sewing Magazine

Consider signing up to a sewing magazine, there are always interesting articles. Threads magazine has a whole host of useful sewing articles, such as how to make a mitred pocket welt or how to sew crisp clean collars. In addition there are many  threads videos on industry techniques and threads sewing tips.

Invest in some really good text books that you can refer to. Consider Helen Joseph Armstrong for Pattern Making, Fit For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto for pattern alterations, Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book, Sewing With Knits and Stretch Fabrics by Sharon Czachor for, you guessed it, sewing with knits. All of these are examples of great go to books. These will become your bible when you’re going it alone.

 Advice For The Intermediate Sewist

Keep it social

Sewing can feel a little isolated, however these days there are lots of social sewing groups around, where you will meet people with a similar interest. Not only will you be able to talk to other like minded people you can discuss the best way to approach your next project and you may even find a super experienced sewist willing to offer free advice. If you can’t find one in your area consider starting one. All you need are a few like-minded individual keen to meet at the same time once a month with a space big enough for a few machines. That way it turns what can feel like a solitary hobby to a fun and social one too. After all sewing is as much about the journey as it is the end product and perhaps you prefer travelling with friends.

 Advice For The Intermediate Sewist


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