Embroidered Denim - 100% Cotton - Light Blue

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$15.40/half mtr

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Embroidered Denim - 100% Cotton - Light Blue

This fabric is a lovely lightweight denim incorporated with a pretty off-white embroidery. The base fabric is a chambray consisting of interlaced blue and white yarns.

As the embroidery has small holes, it can be lined with one of our cotton voiles.


Composition 100% cotton (base fabric and embroidery are cotton).
Suitable for Non-structured tops and dresses. Could also be used with another fabric underneath to add structure or colour. 
Fabric weight

165 GSM (Medium weight)

Drapability A fair amount of drape - it is a light-weight cotton, however the embroidery makes it less 'drapey'. 
Handle Medium
Fabric Weave Plain weave  
Fabric Width 136cm

Somewhat transparent/translucent. It is fully transparent where the embroidered holes are.

Due to some transparency you may want to underline the fabric with a light weight fabric, for example a cotton voile.

Fabric length 1 unit = 50cm
Finishing Cotton Embroidery
Examples of Suitable Patterns

Megan Nielsen River, Dove and Eucalypt.

Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress, Indigo and Stevie.

Tadah - Perfect for the bodice on a Tea Party dress underlined with another fabric. 

Closet Core - Fiore, Cielo

Papercut - Axis dress/skirt, Array top/dress